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Asked on September 8, 2014 11:46 pm

The knobs and button allow you to control the ColorSynth when you don’t have a MIDI device handy. They also send control changes to the MIDI out port, allowing you to control other ColorSynths (or even other MIDI devices and software).

By default when you first turn the ColorSynth on:

Knob 1 controls the RGB spectrum oscillator
Knob 2 controls strobing
Knob 3 controls the master level

Press the button and the ColorSynth will momentarily flash GREEN. Now:

Knob 1 controls the Red oscillator
Knob 2 controls the Blue oscillator
Knob 3 controls the Green oscillator

Press the button again and now it flashes BLUE:

Knob 1 controls the Red level
Knob 2 controls the Green level
Knob 3 controls the Blue level

Press the button again and it will flash RED, and you’re back at the default mode.

Dipswitch 5 disables the knobs from controlling the ColorSynth, but either way the knobs will transmit CC values on channel 16.

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Answered On September 8, 2014 11:54 pm